What has always been the most effective way to generate home based business? Referrals from existing customers with their friends and families.

Creating raving fans who sing your praises to others is both the least expensive and most productive form of advertising. Most people tune out traditional method of advertising. Only 1 1 in 6 television commercials actually generate a confident return on investment. Nobody under 70 uses Yellow Pages for anything. But over 80% of consumers will make a purchasing decision based on the input of friends and family.

Social media marketing supplies the electronic platform for referral marketing to exist. WhatsApp marketing tool Over 800 million users worldwide use Facebook. The common Facebook user has 130 friends and is connected to over 80 Pages, Groups, and Events. Over 1 billion tweets venture out each week. YouTube has over 100 million views each day. The potential for your message to be spread by raving fans is more frequent today through social media than any other time in the history of business. Can your company afford not to participate in this marketing revolution?

If you’re like me, you learn from making mistakes. However, if you can learn from the mistakes of others, then you will achieve success quicker. Why not study from the mistakes of others? Here are several common mistakes new marketers make when trying to create and implement a social media marketing plan:

I’ll figure it out when i go- the biggest time waster is going into a social media marketing campaign without any plan. Take the time to get educated on social media sites. Not all sites were created for businesses. Also, once you learn a site, learn all the benefits of the site. Correcting mistakes is very frustrating and will lead to many companies abandoning their plan and walking away from the strategy. Instead, learn the basics of establishing these site, understand the various options, and spend your time engaging rather than fixing problems. There are good online educational programs out there that are designed to teach business owners on how to create and implement a social media plan.

Let’s add 100 sites in one day- it’s tempting to venture out and develop a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, YouTube, and Foursquare account all at one time. But the problem with this particular strategy is that should you grow too fast, you won’t be able to match all the great things about each site. The best approach is to create one site, like Facebook, learn the facts and properly implement. Create your Fan page, join groups, participate in events, and build relationships others. If you set up 12 at once, you won’t be as active as well as your lack of participation could defeat your overall goal. It’s better to have one or two 2 completely utilized social media sites than 100 poorly designed and ignored platforms.

Profiles don’t matter- users of social media won’t engage with people who don’t possess complete profiles. Given the popularity of Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, lots of people will find you before they find your website. If they find your website and you also have a pic of your logo, no pic, or hardly any personal information, then they will likely ignore you. Your profile is your first impression, so be creative, be thorough, but most of all, be personable.

Here’s the pitch- here’s the largest stumbling block for some beginning marketers. Once they have an audience, they feel compelled to broadcast their message to the masses. This sort of media is a huge mistake and you will be ignored if you try this on social media. Traditional one way marketing practices certainly are a dying breed and attempting to imitate these ineffective methods on a new medium will yield exactly the same failed results. Instead of selling your product, educate the masses and establish yourself as an expert in the field in which you are practicing. For example, if you are an agent, instead of promoting yourself and your site, educate homeowners on what they can do to sell a house themselves. The truth is, only a small percentage of people will act on do-it-yourself content. By providing valuable information, you’ll become an expert on the subject. Then, when the reader is ready to sell her or his house, they will most likely ask for your services.

Same approach to communication- not everyone receives information through the same medium. Some people prefer to read, others like video, and some people will be attracted to pictures on your site. The key is to mix up the way you post. If you simply put out a blog every day, your followers can be blind to your communication method. Change it out up a little. Assuming you have a blog one day, then put up a simple video the next. Post and tag people in pictures later in the week. The more variety in your posts, the more interaction you’ll achieve.

Peaks and valleys- be consistent in your social media activity. This doesn’t mean that you must make posts multiple times every day. But if your goal is to make 30 Facebook posts per month, you’ll find it’s better to have 1 post each day than 3 days with 10 posts.

Take action all yourself- did you ever have multiple email accounts? I used to truly have a hotmail, yahoo, and gmail account that I’d use to talk to people. Needing to log into multiple accounts every day to check on the emails became annoying, time consuming, and ineffective. The truth is, it became to time consuming to do this and I hardly ever used my email. However, once I learned to load all of my email accounts into Outlook, I could efficiently check and utilize the benefits of email. The same applies to social media. If you have to log into and log from 5 different social media marketing sites each day, it’ll become tiresome and your level of engagements on these sites will dwindle. Therefore, utilizing tools that may allow you to log into all your social media makes up about interactions may be the easiest way to make sure that you consistently implement your social media marketing plan. Again, there are several good all-in-one social media dashboards that will allow you to streamline your accounts and social networking efforts.
In summary, if you’re a small business owner seeking to create a social media marketing plan for your business, then you absolutely should educate yourself on how to use the technology and find tools to assist you in the daily utilization. Unless you know how to create a house and you don’t possess a hammer, that house isn’t likely to get built. By firmly taking the steps listed above in this post, it will be easy to quickly and effectively create & implement your own profitable social media marketing plan.

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